In early April 2020, the Governor of Zhejiang, Mr. Yuan Jiajun, accompanied by a high-ranking delegation, visited several Haitian International manufacturing plants to get an up-to-date picture of the resumption of production. Mr. Zhang Jianming, CEO of Haitian Group, Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, CEO of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group, and Mr. Zhang Jingzhang, Chairman of the relevant department group, did not miss the opportunity to welcome Mr. Yuan and his delegation.

After a short introduction to the companies and the industry portfolio of Haitian Group, the guests inspected the production workshop and production lines of Haitian Plastics Machinery and the Haitian Precision plant. They attentively followed the presentations on the implementation of the smart “8 + 16” production mode and on the high-end CNC machines developed by Haitian Precision, which will now compete with international competitors in the local market.

The Governor encouraged Haitian International in its strategy of “focus and expansion through diversification” and in its mission to equip China and the world. He emphasized that Haitian International should continue to pursue the approach of independent innovation and development by promoting intelligent manufacturing, and that the Group should continue to contribute to the development and transformation of key industries such as aerospace and the use of new energy for vehicles.

He also urged Haitian International to take advantage of the development opportunities in the “post-epidemic period” and, in view of the world’s most advanced technologies, to further enhance its own competitiveness.

Mr. Zheng Shanjie, Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Hu Kui, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, Mr. Qiu Dongyao, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee of Zhejiang Province, and Mr. Liang Qun, Secretary of Beilun District Party Committee, were also present in this visit.

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